Sikich is a full-service information security and compliance consulting company, specializing in performing compliance audits, computer security assessments, penetration tests and computer forensic investigations.

As a company with an international presence, Sikich works with leading payment card, financial, restaurant, hospitality, health care and educational organizations from around the world.

Sikich holds several certifications within the information security industry, including:

  • Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV)
  • Qualified Security Assessor (QSA)
  • Payment Application Qualified Security Assessor (PA-QSA)
  • Qualified Security Assessor for Point-to-Point Encryption (QSA (P2PE))
  • Payment Application Qualified Security Assessor for Point-to-Point Encryption (PA-QSA (P2PE))
  • PCI Forensic Investigator (PFI)

RGS Limited, LLC

RGS Limited, LLC provides protection products to the payment card industry. The company offers data breach protection products, merchant compliance programs, fraud protection programs for prepaid cards, and HIPAA-PCI protection programs. RGS Limited, LLC was founded in 2001 and is based in Troy, Michigan.

RGS has forged strategic and exclusive partnerships with some of the largest and most respected organizations in the industry, including Fortune 100 banks, national merchant and banking associations, and MasterCard®. RGS has developed exclusive and unique protection programs for clients such as the Army, Navy, Card Works International, TSYS and MasterCard. The professional staff at RGS prides itself on solving complex problems and providing solutions to some of the greatest risks associated with the fast-paced and ever-changing global marketplace.